Having been in the business of feature-film production for more than 20 years, Pixar has undeniably become one of the most consistently excellent studios, with their record including Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Up, Inside Out, and the Toy Story trilogy. Among this list, Brad Bird’s The Incredibles has risen to the top as one of the studios greatest productions, and with this proposition, I certainly agree.

What truly elevates this film is the singularity. Despite being an addition to the crowded genre of superhero movies, The Incredibles stands out as a significantly unique inclusion. Being a Pixar film, it’s animated using CGI, as opposed to the vast majority of superhero films which are either live-action or traditionally animated.

This movie flourishes chiefly because of the quality characters, and the depth provided to them. The films lead, Robert Parr/Mr. Incredible, is given an extremely sympathetic arc. The story follows his character going through a mid-life crisis, dreading the mundane nature of his modern life and longing for the glory days of hero work. His arc is presented with such sensibility that fully realizes the character of Mr. Incredible.

The rest of the Parr family are superb as well. As with Mr. Incredible, the exceptional scripting of the characters makes them feel all the more relatable. This is where the true heart of The Incredibles is fully registered: the family. From the writing to the animation to the performances: the talent of all those involved makes the family empathetic, interesting, and compelling. This attachment between the audience and the characters significantly elevates the narrative.

The villain is likewise executed remarkably. It’s difficult to discuss without revealing spoilers, but I’ll just say that the way by which the character relates to the hero is superlative.

Another quality stand-out of The Incredibles is the animation. Director Brad Bird’s animated projects including The Iron Giant and Ratatouille always have high caliber animation, and The Incredibles is no exception. The attention to the detail of the CGI is astonishingly gorgeous and elevates the experience of watching the film from an average viewing to an admiration of a work of art.

Michael Giacchino’s iconic score, particularly the opening theme, is likewise an incredible addition to the movie. A poor musical score rarely ruins a film, but a beautiful an bombastic soundtrack can significantly upgrade one’s viewing experience. My favorite piece by far is Giacchino’s opening theme ‘The Glory Days.’

In addition to being an incredible picture, The Incredibles features many deeper regarding the nature of men, and humanity as a whole, while also employing libertarian principles, but perhaps I’ll explore these in a separate article.

Brad Bird’s The Incredibles has proven itself to be an outstanding film that resonates with viewers of all ages. Its compelling story with relatable characters told through painstakingly beautiful animation elevate the film to being one of Pixar’s greatest achievements.

Grade: A-